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Product Description

WireWorks 10027 is a unique approach to the dry drawing of wire without the drawbacks associated with calcium or sodium based soaps.

WireWorks 10027 is a composite solid lubricant that has been flaked and sized for easy handling. It is a synergistic blend of natural and synthetic additives designed to maximize die life and surface finish of drawn wires. This lubricant has the ability to draw mixed metals at variable speeds, using multiple dies at high reduction rates.

WireWorks 10027


  • No dusting or mess
  • No air filtration necessary
  • Hydrophobic coating repels humidity and moisture
  • Anneable without post cleaning
  • Non-staining to sensitive alloys
  • Ashless at low furnace temperatures
  • No chlorine, sulfur, soap, borax, clay, or oil
  • Excellent long-term corrosion protection
  • Biodegradable – Biorenewable - Biosustainable
  • No bad odors – easy to handle
  • Anti-seize and mold release properties optimize economy and lubricant containment
  • Long shelf life
  • Deposits a peelable, protective coating
  • Safe – Eliminates dust explosions and spontaneous ignitions. Inflammable below 500°F
  • Paintable on oil-based and some water-based paints
  • Improved wire finish as compared to soaps

Product Applications

  • One hole wire drawing
  • Improved finish and RP when mixed with soap
  • Drawing any metal wire where grease/oil is used
  • Drawing stainless steel wire with a borax or lime pre-coat
  • Anywhere better finishes and RP are required
  • Finish or die lubricant
  • Ripper lube
  • Drawing aluminum alloy wires
  • Hot dip  lubricant for tube or wire
  • Bull block drawing

Directions for Use

WireWorks 10027 is typically used as received in ripper, open or closed die boxes. Heating to 300°F will liquidize the lubricant for dipping or flow-coat applications, or in sealed die box. To remove residues use hot, high alkaline, water-based cleaners in a soak tank or spray washer.



Softening Point:

Melting Point:



Off-White, Ground Solid


Approx. 300ºF




WireWorks 10027 is available in 26 lb. pails or 225 lb. drums.

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