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Product Description

Addvance 6035EP is a heavy-duty, high performance, botanical metalworking fluid for machining and grinding of ferrous, non-ferrous metals.

Addvance 6035EP is formulated with a unique blend of botanical additives and boundary lubricants that provide proven performance on difficult machining and grinding operations. It is your product of choice in roll forming and threading operations. It leaves little residue and easily cleaned in alkaline wash systems. This lubricant does not contain petroleum oil, chlorinated paraffins or sulfur.

Addvance 6035-EP


  • Exceptional rust protection
  • Virtually non-foaming
  • Contains no nitrites or phenols
  • Excellent rancidity control
  • Does not leave tacky residue on machine or fixtures
  • Forms stable dilution in hard or soft water

Recommended Starting Dilutions

Milling, Drilling and Turning:

Tapping, Reaming and Sawing:

Roll Forming Threading:

08% - 10%

08% - 10%




Specific Gravity:

Density, lbs/gal:


Bright, Clear Amber Liquid

1.03 (@70ºF)

8.6 (@70ºF)

9.6 (@1:10)


Addvance 6035EP is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums, or 330 gal. totes.

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