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Product Description

Metkleen 2120 is a low alkaline, aqueous hot-tank cleaner for soft metals. The unique surfactant chemistry optimizes detergency and oil “split-out” from the cleaner bath for improved waste treatment.

Metkleen 2120, while aggressive against petroleum based soils is mild on sensitive metals and finishing equipment.

Metkleen 2120


  • Outstanding oil rejection
  • Non-staining on soft metals
  • Easy waste treatment
  • Low-foaming – hard water stable
  • Improves finishes – "brightens & cleans"
  • Economical – cleans at low temperatures
  • High operator acceptance – mild on hands, safe to use
  • Compatible with many paint and coating films
  • Rinses off easily without spotting
  • Balanced pH for optimum detergency

Cleaning Processes

  • Hot-tank cleaning
  • Wipe down cleaning
  • Janitorial hard surface cleaning
  • Cleans off coolants & die lubes
  • Cleans small parts
  • High pressure power washing
  • Pre-clean on conversion coating lines
  • Safe on hi-tech and electrical components
  • Cleans non-ferrous rods and wire
  • Cleans castings, extrusions and sheet rock.

Directions for Use

Metkleen 2120 is typically diluted in water between 5% and 10% dependent on soil composition, water temperature, dwell time and cleaner application method. Increasing water temperature accelerates soil removal. Metkleen 2120 was formulated to clean between 120° and 130° F. Hard or soft waters can be used for make-up without adverse effect on performance.




Water Solubility:

pH (concentrate):

Flash Point:

Specific Gravity:

Clear Green Liquid







Metkleen 2120 is available in 5 gal. pails, 55 gal. drums, 330 gal. totes, and bulk.

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