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METCOR 43 is the perfect choice for all your long term storage element protection needs, it goes on quick without the need to be cleaned off prior to the assembly.

The steel parts (Rebar Connectors) were put into the humidity cabinet from FC Industries after being cleaned in solvent and coated with METCOR 43. They have now been in the humidity cabinet for 17 days with the water condensing on the parts following ASTM  D2247, which is the “Standard Practice for Testing Water Resistance in 100% Relative Humidity”. One of the steel parts is starting to show a couple spots of rust around the top edge, but they are free of rust otherwise. The standard rough calculation that is used is 1 test hour is equivalent to 29.5 hours in the field, so if it was in the humidity cabinet for 17 days, which is 408 hours, it would be equivalent to 501 days or a little over 16 months of protection in the field with using the METCOR 43.    

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