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Metalloid's metalforming lubricants are used to form every metal part in an automobile. Whether you bend mufflers, deep draw heat shields, or stamp out small parts on progressive dies, we have the expertise and quality lubricant choice in automotive manufacturing.

Automotive Climate Control

The Metalloid line of lubricants for the automotive aluminum heat exchanger industry:

Metalloid lubricants are designed to reduce friction between tooling and part surfaces, which ultimately reduces the heat generated in the forming process. They also have the function of transmitting  forces, transporting metal fines away from the part and tooling, and cooling desired surfaces. The property of reducing friction is known as “lubricity”.

The FinMill line (for fins, welded and folded tubes, headers, side supports and a variety of components): 

  • These products come in a variety of flash points, lubricity characteristics , evaporation rates and volatility levels to fit any operation.
  • These products have been chemically engineered to make a variety of components with light duty forming requirements  to  heavy duty clad parts.
  • They are compatible with Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) and Nickle Braze process.
  • Water based, no VOC products are available in a concentrate form or at a precise concentration to fit your process requirements.
  • In many cases, an aqueous wash or a thermal degreasing step can be eliminated.
  • Many can be fluxed over without a degreasing.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC`s) can be either reduced or eliminated depending upon the product selection.

Metalloid uses the industries finest chemists and support teams along with the latest testing and screening technologies to determine the best product to fit your needs: 

  • Perkin Elmer Thermal Gravametric Analyzer to determine volatility.
  • Perkin Elmer ASTM test method E-1868-10 for VOC determination, in accordance with AQMD Rule 1144.
  • Falex testing with ASTM Standard D 2670-95 to determine wear characteristics.
  • Propriety Metalloid Corporation tests to determine evaporation rates.

For proper product selection, a convenient survey form is attached. Please consult with your local Metalloid Representative.

Product Description TDS SDS
AccroLube® Polyurea AccroLube® High Temperature Polyurea with PTFE Grease
AccroLube® High Temperature Polyurea with PTFE creates a boundary lubrication film that reduces wear between metal surfaces and…
ADDVANCE 6030BP Botanical Machining and Grinding Coolant
ADDVANCE 6030BP APPROVALS: Boeing BAC 5008 for usage areas 5 and 6 & USDA Bio-Preferred High Performance Metalworking Fluid.   ADDVANCE…
Metchem 6620 Synthetic Metal Forming Lubricant
Metchem 6620 is a highly concentrated, synthetic lubricant designed for heavy- duty metal forming operations on ferrous and non-ferrous…
Metchem 6850 Synthetic Metal Forming Lubricant
Metchem 6850 is a synthetic heavy-duty metal forming and stamping fluid with excellent boundary lubrication properties. The lubricating…
Metchem 6992 Synthetic Grinding & Machining Coolant
METCHEM 6992 APPROVALS: Boeing BAC 5008 usage areas 5 and 6 METCHEM 6992 is a bio-stable, true solution, oil free, synthetic…
Metcor 52 Water Based Corrosion Preventative
Metcor 52 is an oil free, biodegradable, indoor corrosion preventative for all metals. Metcor 52 uses “Green Chemistry” derived…
Metcor 57 Solvent Based Corrosion Preventative
Metcor 57 is a solvent based corrosion preventative for long-term indoor protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Metcor 57…
Metcor 71 Botanical Based NSF Food Approved Corrosion Preventative
Metcore 71 is a USDA Certified BioBased Product. It is a botanical-based, environmentally friendly, corrosion preventative. This…
Metcor 908LV Mineral Oil Based Corrosion Preventative
Metcore 908LV is a light mineral oil based corrosion preventative. Metcore 908LV leaves a light oily residue that provides up…
Metkleen 2080 All Purpose – All Metal Cleaner and Degreaser
Metkleen 2080 is a low alkaline, all purpose cleaner for all metals with uncommonly high detergency and soil suspending properties. Metkleen 2080…
Metkleen 2090 Soft Metal Spray Wash Cleaner
Metkleen 2090 is a low alkaline, aqueous spray wash cleaner for soft metals. The unique surfactant chemistry optimizes detergency…
Metkleen 2120 Soft Metal Hot-Tank Cleaner
Metkleen 2120 is a low alkaline, aqueous hot-tank cleaner for soft metals. The unique surfactant chemistry optimizes detergency…
Metkleen 2140 Floor/Maintenance Cleaner
Metkleen 2140 is a heavy-duty floor and all purpose maintenance cleaner. This high detergency, hard surface cleaner simultaneously…
Metkleen 2150 Heavy-Duty Spray and Tank Cleaner For Steel
Metkleen 2150 is a high alkaline, aqueous cleaner for ferrous metals that require removal of difficult soils and/or oils at low…
Metkleen 2200 NSF Approved Food Grade Cleaner
Metkleen 2200 is a liquid, acidic cleaner to deoxidize, descale and de-rust metals. Metkleen 2200 will passivate and pickle metal…
Metkleen 2480 Fast Acting Neutral Rust Remover
Metkleen 2480 is a neutral pH rust removing solution, which works quickly to remove oxidation on ferrous metals. Neutral pH provides…
Sump Cleaner 2420 Heavy Duty Sump & Machine Cleaner
Sump Cleaner 2420 is a heavy-duty sump cleaner and general maintenance cleaner, and it is an excellent choice to remove the toughest…
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