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Biosustainable products can be replenished because they use natural substances that are plentiful and cost effective for the efficiency of our economy on a long term basis. Examples of common biosustanable products is the use of more organic fertilizer to sustain and perpetuate the biosphere which is our planet.


Biorenewable products can be replenished with the passage of time, unlike oil, natural gas and diesel, which may run out one day. Biorenewable products are a part of our earth’s natural environment. They reduce air pollution, soil contamination, land degradation and animal habitat destruction.


Biodegrabable products are friendly to us and the world we share. These products breakdown quickly through natural processes that yield harmless by products such as water and carbon dioxide. Unlike petroleum oil, styrofoam and aluminum cans, biodegradable products are made of natural resources such as plants, animal byproducts and minerals that breakdown quickly to enrich the environment.

How is Metalloid Going Green?

Metalloid believes that through the use of Green Technology, industry, people, and the environment can co-exist and prosper. We made a commitment to do our part through research and development to develop a complete product line that will contribute to a safe environment for us and the world we share. To accomplish this our product development efforts are focused on utilizing raw materials and services that address our commitment to the environment. We believe in ONE SOURCE … ONE SOLUTION…ONE WORLD.

Metalloid’s ONE SOURCE … ONE SOLUTION…ONE WORLD APPROACH includes a complete product line of traditional and green technologies that includes, machining coolants, metalforming lubricants, cleaners, corrosion preventatives, wiredrawing products, and microlubricants for near-dry machining.

  • Trouble free product performance
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Reduced waste and downtime
  • Lower overall manufacturing costs
  • Custom designed formulations for unique or “niche” applications
  • On-Time – Every-Time Delivery
  • A “Systems Approach” that is driven by the specific needs of our customers
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