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Metalloid has the specialized lubricant technology you need for aviation and aerospace applications. We have solutions for the critical components that must withstand a wide range of temperatures, extreme pressure, and harsh environments. Our lubricant offerings include high pressure coolants formulated to machine a wide range of alloys used in the industry. Our microlubricant technology is formulated to apply precise, minimum quantities of lubricant through custom designed spray systems. We are your one source – cutting edge solution for a wide range of applications to the aerospace and aviation industry.


Metalloid’s metalforming lubricants are used to form every metal part in an automobile. Whether you bend mufflers, deep draw heat shields, or stamp out small parts on progressive dies, we have the expertise and quality lubricant choice in automotive manufacturing.

Automotive Climate Control

The Metalloid line of lubricants for the automotive aluminum heat exchanger industry:

Metalloid lubricants are designed to reduce friction between tooling and part surfaces, which ultimately reduces the heat generated in the forming process. They also have the function of transmitting  forces, transporting metal fines away from the part and tooling, and cooling desired surfaces. The property of reducing friction is known as “lubricity”.

The FinMill line (for fins, welded and folded tubes, headers, side supports and a variety of components): 

  • These products come in a variety of flash points, lubricity characteristics , evaporation rates and volatility levels to fit any operation.
  • These products have been chemically engineered to make a variety of components with light duty forming requirements  to  heavy duty clad parts.
  • They are compatible with Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) and Nickle Braze process.
  • Water based, no VOC products are available in a concentrate form or at a precise concentration to fit your process requirements.
  • In many cases, an aqueous wash or a thermal degreasing step can be eliminated.
  • Many can be fluxed over without a degreasing.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC`s) can be either reduced or eliminated depending upon the product selection.

Metalloid uses the industries finest chemists and support teams along with the latest testing and screening technologies to determine the best product to fit your needs: 

  • Perkin Elmer Thermal Gravametric Analyzer to determine volatility.
  • Perkin Elmer ASTM test method E-1868-10 for VOC determination, in accordance with AQMD Rule 1144.
  • Falex testing with ASTM Standard D 2670-95 to determine wear characteristics.
  • Propriety Metalloid Corporation tests to determine evaporation rates.

For proper product selection, a convenient survey form is attached. Please consult with your local Metalloid Representative.

Firearms & Sporting

Metalloid manufacturers a full line of gun maintenance products that are environmentally safe. Our products are formulated with American made ingredients that are environmentally safe for us and the world we share. Several of our firearm maintenance products are USDA BIOPREFERRED certified. These products will keep your firearms clean and in top working condition.

Heavy Equipment

Metalloid’s lubricants are formulated specifically to meet the tough demands of the heavy-equipment industry. Whether you build or use road graders, tractors, combines, front-end loaders, back hoes, or bull dozers, Metalloid’s metalworking fluids, rust preventatives, and greases will protect the equipment in the tough conditions it is exposed to. Heavy-equipment will run better and last longer if manufactured with Metalloid products.


Metalloid’s FinWorks business has grown continually over the last 15 years and today Metalloid is a global leader in HVAC-R manufacturing lubricant technology. Metalloid continues to meet and exceed the standards in the industry relative to VOC’s, petroleum based fluids and/or "vanishing" lubricants. We specialize in reducing fluid waste through fluid chemistry and equipment application.

Machining & Grinding

Metalloid manufactures a complete line of machining coolants to machine any metal in any machining operation. Our coolants are available in soluble oil, semi-synthetic, and synthetic formulations. In addition to traditional machining coolants, Metalloid is a leader in green technology for the machining industry. We will work with your plant personnel to design a coolant management program designed to your specific operation. We will supply ancillary equipment, and specialty additives for sump maintenance of CNCs or central coolant systems. Our state-of–the art metalworking laboratory will provide you with the service and support to evaluate coolant samples, and more.


Metalloid is your partner for medical devices, dental devices and medical instrument lubricants. Our formulations include specialty fluids used to manufacture a wide range of devices for use in various medical specialties including: 

  •     Artificial hip and joint components
  •     Spinal components – pedicle screws and rods
  •     Prosthetic implants
  •     Dental implants
  •     Medical tools and equipment

Metalloid lubricants are designed to reduce torque, minimize friction, and increase the efficiency of moving parts for medical and dental applications. Specialty metals used in the manufacturing of medical devices pose a unique challenge during machining. Metalloid has engineered lubricants that will cut stainless steels, titanium alloys, cobalt alloys, ceramics and even light weight magnesium. We are your one source – cutting edge solution for a wide range of applications for medical device and equipment lubrication.

Tube Manufacturing

Metalloid specializes in tube forming lubricants used to bend, draw, expand, rollform, and endform all metals. Our tube forming lubricants are formulated to enhance weldability and finishing operations. In addition to traditional lubricants, we offer a full line of “green” technology solutions.

Wire Manufacturing

Metalloid’s WireWorks line of lubricants excel in wet or dry wire drawing without using petroleum oil or soap powders. The WireWorks brand offers several “green” technology choices that carry USDA BioPreferred approvals. WireWorks offers products that are directly annealable, easily cleaned off, and safe for people and the world we share. Whatever your wire process is – the selection of a WireWorks lubricant will improve your process.

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