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Product Description

Tapeze X-3 is a high viscosity, E.P. fortified tapping and cutting fluid that is safe for all metals.

Tapeze X-3 is formulated to “cling” to your tap or tooling to afford the maximum of lubricity and tap life.

Tapeze X-3


  • Increased tap life
  • Improved part finishes
  • Eliminates chipping and galling
  • Safe on all metals
  • Can use as is or as an additive
  • Improved thread quality
  • Reduces tool breakage
  • "Splits Out" of machining coolants
  • "Clings" to tool without mess or waste

Product Applications

  • Hand tapping
  • Blind Hole Tapping
  • CNC Tapping
  • External Broaching
  • Heavy-Duty Forming
  • Threading
  • Reaming
  • Cutting
  • Extruding

Directions for Use

Tapeze X-3 is used as received. Tapeze X-3 can diluted with mineral oil for less severe operations.




Specific Gravity:


Flash Point:

Clear, Thick Amber Liquid



1,800 (S.U.S. @100ºF)

375ºF (C.O.C.)

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