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Product Description

Met EDM 8870 is a clear, high-purity synthetic Electrical Discharge Machining fluid that has a high dielectric strength and oxidation resistance to give maximum performance and fluid life. It is free of aromatic, so it is virtually odorless and ideal for employee safety, and the high flash point limits fire risks. The low viscosity of

Met EDM 8870 allows for rapid settling of particles, which in turn are removed by filtration for clear viewing of the work piece and increased production.

Met EDM 8870


  • Clear liquid
  • Low viscosity
  • Odorless
  • Excellent oxidation properties
  • High flash point
  • low skin sensitivity


API Gravity:


Flash Point:

Distillation, Initial Boiling Point:

Distillation, Final Boiling Point:



2.9 (40ºC, cSt)

266ºF (130ºC)

527ºF (275ºC)

581ºF (305ºC)

0.785 (@15.6C, 60F)

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